2017 YEAR-END SPECIAL - I Love Tansyong TV REWIND.

DREAM, WAKE UP and MAKE IT REAL. Thank you to all of you TANSYONG LOVERS who supported me all throughout 2017. I hope you’ll stay with me as I will saunter this so called life in 2018. Watch this video of my 2017 Youtube Highlights.

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One year of joy, laughter and fun. There were times that I was down but 2017 gave me the lesson - never give up on my dreams. Indeed, I must say while looking back to my 2017, I’ve changed on how I should see life.

When I was not in Youtube, I spent my time going to work and writing articles for my blog; and when I was introduced into Youtubing , I enjoyed it a lot. My creativity became more dynamic and I am excited going to work as I have something to look forward after I ended my shift – doing contents for my Youtube Channel when I arrived at home.

I had so many things to be grateful in my 2017. I have my challenging yet stable job that pays my bill, I was able to purchase my first ever camera, I was able to have my Samsung s8 Plus, and above all – I made it on Youtube while I am a full-time employee. Moreover, I am now living in my own condo unit, and I got sick only twice for the whole year. I met a lot of random people as I became more socially incline because of the numerous events that I attended.

I was able to attend my Alumni Home Coming in Province of Bohol, and joined Fiesta Celebration. I won in a Dance Battle.  I became a Pedicab Driver for a day. I got my first brand deal in 2017 (Shopback)  and followed by more opportunities after (, Urban Deca Homes). It was truly a challenging year yet a fruitful one in a positive note. I became conscious on time management since I am a full-time employee and a part-time youtuber and blogger. Undeniably, 2017 taught me a lot of things.


There were times , I was about to give up as I am sick and tired of everything but seeing those supporters who kept on commenting my videos made me stronger to stand up and create awesome contents for them and for myself.  I learnt how to talk in front of the camera and gained confident despite of the distractive criticism online.

MY TOP 10 of 2017
1. Disclosing My HIV Status
2. Britney Spears Live in MNL
4. My Gratitude Video
5. My First Ever Video Camera.
6. My Samsung S8 Plus.
7. My High School Grand Homecoming
8. My First Ever Youtube Event.
9. Winning in Dance Battle.
10.Meeting The Small Youtubers

Thanks TANSYONG LOVERS for supporting me and you guys made me feel valuable. Please join me on my 2018 Journey.

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