Marinduque Challenge 2014: The Rescue.

We were at the town proper of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque 5:30 pm, done eating and we were about to go to Town of Mogpog when we learned at the terminal that the last trip of the van left already just a few minutes before we finished our food. We asked the locals but unfortunately according to them we need to stay overnight because 5AM of succeeding day is the next trip.

Bonj inquired the local tricycle drivers if how much we are going to spend if they’ll bring us to next town. “PHP500” , the driver answered.

“Naku kuya, we already hired for Php500 (PHP125 each) from Malbog Spring to Poctoy. We can no longer spend that much. We are only backpackers” Irene responded.

“Ok, PHP400 will do” the driver started to bargain.

We gathered in one place to talk about the next move. Our original plan was to stay in Mogpog overnight so it is easy for the team to rove the town next day without wasting time- we need to fulfill it. During the discussion, Bonj remembered that when they arrived at the port in Mogpog, they met this local driver named Mang Victor who offered them a space right at their house in case of emergency.

“Ok, here is my suggestion. It would be better if you (Bonj) are going to contact Mang Victor to rescue us here. It’s ok for me to spend PHP400 (PHP100 each) if we paid it to him, because if we opted Mang Victor, there is an assurance where we can stay this night.” I quickly proposed.

Bonj swiftly grabbed his phone and called Mang Victor right then. “We are still fortunate because we have Mang Victor” Norie jokingly said. “But we are more fortunate if we catch the last trip because it is only PHP60” I answered. And everyone was laughing.

Imagine, we spent the amount of PHP 100 each instead of PHP60. Truly PHP40 is a huge amount for me but the point that we were not in hurry- that was priceless and we were able to enjoy the moment and be at the moment.

Moreover, while waiting for Mang Victor, we watched a basketball game at the town proper.  Supposedly we planned to proceed to the famous Kawakawa falls (for side trip) while waiting for rescue of Mang Victor. But the team decided to stay and watch the game because we were all tired.

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