πŸ’‰ HIV and AIDS – Avoidable, Preventable and Manageable.

To commemorate the WORLD AIDS DAY on December 1, 2018 – one way for me to do that is to share basic information about HIV and AIDS in my blog. This is also a way for me to educate the people of the Philippines to avoid stigma and to inform that as of this writing – according to Department of Health, 32 test positive to HIV daily.
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From the time that I created a vlog on my experience in taking the HIV test and Published on Feb 5, 2017 in my Youtube, it was a tremendous increase of number from 26 everyday tested as HIV reactive into 32 as of December 2018.  I must say, there is still a big work that needs to be done – not just the DOH but to each one of us.

As simple way for me to help creating impact to this country’s predicament, let me share you this video about HIV and AIDS.

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