๐Ÿ“บ WATCH : My Pinky Finger Got Dislocated Due To an Accident.

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I unleashed my American Bully named Escobar and let him play at the big parking area of the location since the actual dog park is closed due to Pandemic. There are two divided parking areas one is fully occupied and one is totally vacant where dogs can run freely. I went there at 5AM when curfew hours is no longer being emposed. My dog runs freely but to my surprise, he went to the area where cars are allowed to park. I was worried he might hit get hit by a car and so, I called his attention, and run toward me. 

I was supposed to catch him by grabbing his chain but since he ran so fast and just passed to me so strongly, I wasn't able to grab his nick chain with four fingers instead my pinky finger - which has no strength was hung on the chain. 

I didn't feel any pain, just a little rush feeling, and frustration that I wasn't able to catch him on my first attempt. When I was handling the leash, I felt weird and when I look at my hands, my finger was 90 degrees bent and to my shock, I bent it back right away because if I will do it later - it might be more painful. 

My finger looks like this.

(not mine) - this should how it looks like.

I can feel the crack when I fix it back, I don't know if I've returned it correctly to where it should be located; but one thing in my mind, I have to fix it a soon as possible because it looks so weird if it will be permanently there. I tried to move it and it did, so maybe I returned it correctly.

When everything is okay, I then started the pain lingering and my whole arm was numb. I want back home and put some ice to avoid inflammation but the pain is increasing. 

After one week, the pain is lesser and I can slowly move it already however, my pinky finger is not yet functional - I can't use it to type on my keyboard because it is still painful, worst when I am washing my laundry and it accidentally touches the cloth w/ force, it is really painful.  

I am giving myself a week to let the inflammation heal itself and if the pain won't go away, I will have this checked in the clinic so this can be addressed accordingly. 


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