๐ŸŽฅ What Did I Learn From Youtube Creators Camp 2019 ?

On May 25fth 2019 was actually the day that Pinoy Creators are waiting for the whole year – Youtube Creators Camp 2019. It is an annual event hosted by Youtube Philippines - benefits program that grants creators like me -e.g. access to new benefits, resources, and events as your subscriber number grows.

The last year 2019, I was not invited but fortunately this year, I was given a chance to register and be part of this –somewhat, event that motivates creators like me to keep going. It was held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas located at Belle Ave, Paranaque, Metro Manila adjacent to City of Dreams.

The event was a whole day full of activities and of course numerous Pinoy Creators from small to huge subs count together.

Watch the video below:

It was a tiring day, I must say but seems that workshop – it helps me to understand how to handle burn out especially in creating contents. Being a Youtuber nowadays became a number game, meaning; the success is being measured by numbers which lead to creator became pressured to produce contents. With that being said, creators might forget to enjoy such passion and it will become work which eventually you’ll give up especially if you noticed that you’re not mathematically growing in a short span of time.

And I am guilty on it….

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Meanwhile, the next day May 26 was the day for the fans – so-called Youtube Fanfest 2019. FanFest takes YouTube's biggest stars from screens to live stages all over the world and celebrates the freedom to be heard, to be in the know, to be what’s next, and to belong. Simply, it is a concert for big Youtubers and a chance to all fans to watch their idols on stage. 

This year it was held at SM MOA Arena, Pasay City.

Watch the video below:

I attended as my friend Brains Techknowlogy invited me as he was part of it. Honestly, I am not a big fan of attending Youtube Fanfest and in fact, that was my first time to join such fanfest.

Watch my LIVE Experience:

Watch the whole show courtesy of YoutubeFanfest Channel.


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