⦗MUST WATCH⦘ - Four Singing Visayan Natives Showcase Their Talents.

Watch the video below as four Visayan Music lovers showcase their talents by singing 14 songs.
Look at  them - after seven years  (From 2011 in the video to 2017 in the pictures)

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Hello guys! I just recovered this video which is part of my Bohol Travel way back 2011. This video is a cover of 14 songs featuring Arnel Alturas, Christoper Galagar, Roche Encorporado and Myrtle Light Villar. I met them when I stayed in Panglao Island for an overnight accommodation –that was April 2011 to indulge the summer and to celebrate my college graduation. Yes! That was seven years ago to be specific but that moment is worth reminiscing.

Truly, in every travel, the most exciting part is meeting random of people and locals. When I went back to Bohol after I finished my college, I am so happy to meet these talented young kababayans. They occupied the cottage adjacent to my location. I was alone that night with my guitar while staring at the sea. One of them approached me to have some Tagay (Shot) of tuba (coconut wine). Since I am Boholano and I know that I am in my territory – I joined them quickly. They were actually seven to ten in the group. Four of them are music lovers and so they borrowed my guitar.

A little bit of conversation. They are Barkada who came from Bohol and some were from Cebu – to celebrate their college graduation.  They are very interested to know my life in Manila since they haven’t been in Manila. We shared happy stories until we came up the idea of making cover songs.

Watch the video below. (Watch Four Visayan Talents versus 14 Covers Songs In One Video)

1. 1:55 Fixing A Broken Heart - by Indecent Obsession
2.  5:58 Pag Ibig Ko Sayo Di Magbabago - by Men Oppose
3.  9:36 Borrowed Time - by Cueshé
4.  13:10 Changes of my Life/Gidawat Ko Ang Tanan (Visayan Version) - by Repablikan
5. 15:40 Bakit Ngayon Kalang Dumating? - by Freestyle
6.  19:15 Forevermore - by Side A
7. OPM Rock Songs (Medley)
    a. 23:38 Director's Cut - by Kamikazee Band
    b. 24:25 The Day Said Goodnight - by Hale Band
    c. 26:46 Unknown Song (Comment Down below to give feedback)
8. 28:30 High - by The Speaks
9. 31:04  I miss you like crazy - by The Moffats
10. 33:28 If life is too short.- by The Moffats
11. 37:10 Nagmahal Ako ng Bakla - by Dagtang Lason
12.  40:25 Prinsesa - by 6Cyclemind
13.  43:33 Why? - by Avril Lavigne

14.  47:45 With A Smile - by Eraserheads

After I uploaded this video, I searched them in facebook and I was amazed of the changes – physically. One of them got married, one of them is working in an office, one of them became more visually pleasant as the years went by, and the other one is still living in his own opted life. I sent them the link of this video and I hope they can still remember those moments of laughter and I hope they can still recognize me.


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