My First Time Experience In A Hosto/Gay Bar - Malate, Manila.

Jonathan "Tansyong" Orbuda, vlogs about his experience - the first time exposure to a Hosto/Gay Bar in Malate Manila. Watch the video below.
I had this mindset that Hosto/Gay Bar is associated with naked men dancing in front of its patron. Indeed, it might be a place for old gays and women only. I never see myself going inside such establishment because it is not empowering to me – worshipping a straight man.  I am very exposed to gay disco bars like O bar  and Palawan Bar wherein its target market are young gay men; so I am rigid of not going to a hosto bar unless I reach my old age.

However, the more I avoid myself to this kind of Bar, the more I became curious on how does it feels like to be there. My friend from U.S. visited me and he challenged me to go on Bar hopping – Hosto Bar. I was reluctant to join since it defies my philosophy. Yet, he was extremely persuasive on bringing me – wala siyang kasama & libre daw niya.

We first dropped by at Machete in Baclaran but we left in a few minutes after we finished our drinks because the transition of each dance was slow pacing. Then we decided to go to Malate to look for an alternative one. I am very familiar with Malate because I frequently visit Chelu which is a gay-disco bar; but I am not aware where the Hosto/Gay bars located at. We just spoke with a Pedicab driver and asked him to bring us towards the nearest Hosto bar.

Watch the video below:

We opted Humane Elemement Entertainment Bar which is located at #60 Julio Napkil St, Malate Manila.  The moment I went inside- sobrang kinakabahan ako.  But I felt secured coz my friend from U.S. guided me on what to do, how to act and to indulge the night since he is always in a hosto bar in U.S. – sanay na siya.

It was memorable experience. Truly, I learned something by exposing myself. Akala ko nung una pang matandang bakla lang ito. Akala ko naghuhubad na mga lalaki lang andun. But I was wrong - Hosto Bar is an entertainment Bar that caters anyone regardless of gender, race and age as long as you can afford going inside.

๐Ÿ“ Location: Brgy. 698, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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