Review: Whey King Supplements

I bought a gym supplement from Whey King - an online store for Gym Supplies.
RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I kept in touch to my mutant whey supplier; unfortunately they are no longer selling such product. I have been checking online if there is available supplier nearby but there is none. My ex supplier told me about Whey King and searched it online. I was redirected to their website and take a look on it. It seemed that it is a legit online shop.

I took the risk of purchasing my desired product “Mutant Whey 10lbs” which is amounting to PHP4000 plus PHP100 handling fee (if you are outside metro manila s&h is PHP400). The website provided an order number and the instruction on how to pay. I opted BDO since it is the nearest available bank within my location.

I texted first the mobile number indicated on the website to confirm if this is legit. And they replied right away. So, I continued depositing “PHP4100”, they asked me to take picture and send the machine validation of the deposit slip to their Facebook page. They replied that we were all good and it will be delivered 1-2 working days.

On the next day, I got a text message from the delivery person named Errol that he is on his way. In a few minutes, I got my mutant whey! They even have their own delivery motorcycle with their brand name on it. I am so happy because I am a satisfied online buyer of Whey King -To think that it was my first time to purchase online (aside from huge online shop).

I decided to write about them because this business deserved to be recognized. They deserved a good review. Errol was so kind during the delivery and he was able to deliver in a timely manner. Whoever assisted me when I texted them was so patient to reply my stubborn inquiry.  I also checked the packaging and stuff like that – and the product is authentic.  More Power!


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