Pork Everlasting - Remarkable Cuisine of Marikina

The first time I tasted this cuisine when I visited Marikina due to my officemate’s invitation.  They prepared us a heavy dinner (when I say heavy  ... meaning too heavy) , and one of the dishes  stood out for me was  they called it “Pork Everlasting”. 

I was very interested what the ingredients are and how they made it. But I was not able to ask that time.

Until July 31, 2015 my officemate invites me again – for her birthday celebration. Of course, we requested the presence of the “Pork Everlasting”.

During the celebration, I had a chance to make a small talk to them (cook) about the said cuisine.  The cook said that it can only be found in Marikina City and one of the signature dishes. Moreover, it is always present at every festive table during fiestas and holidays.

It is a Marikina version of meatloaf – wherein meat is the major ingredient mixed with chorizo sausage, eggs, cheese, Olives, red peppers, carrots, boiled eggs for decoration and etcetera ( some were not disclosed).  

Truly, the taste of the food gave a distinctive identity that you can find it only in Marikina.  The authenticity and the savory taste is pride of people in Marikina City. It can maybe copied by others but we can still distinguish which is which.   

Thanks to RAIZA for the invitation.


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