๐ŸŽค That's What Friends Are For. (COVER SONG).

๐ŸŽค That's What Friends Are For. (COVER SONG).

๐Ÿ“ฆUNBOXING GONE WRONG! + Nasira ang aking Induction Cooker.

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๐Ÿ›’Where did I buy thishttps://bit.ly/36EOqmO

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TRAVEL GUIDE: The Surfing Stretch of Bagasbas Beach, Daet , Camarines Norte.

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    About Bagasbas Beach.

    Bagasbas is a barangay in the municipality of Daet, in the province of Camarines Norte. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 5,660. This represented 5.07% of the total population of Daet.

    Bagasbas Beach Resort is located along the long stretch of Bagasbas road and faces toward the Pacific Ocean. So, no wonder why it is one of the popular top surfing spots in the Philippines due to the waves that are given by the said ocean adjacent to it. Bagasbas Beach isn’t the typical white sand beach with emerald waters you’d see plastered in magazines and shown on TV ads. However, people go to this part of the Camarines to test their mettle on the waves. The gray-sand beach is a destination to either improve your skills or learn how to surf. Depending on the season, it is the ideal place for beginners and those with experience.

    How to go to Bagasbas Beach?

    Nearest Airport: Naga Airport (Camarines Sur)

    BY AIR
    • There are no direct flights to Daet, the jump-off point for the beach. The nearest airport is in Naga City; you can catch a direct flight to Naga from Manila. Travel time is around one hour.
    • Once in Naga, board a van (P210) or bus (P180) bound for Daet. The trip will take around two to three hours.
    • Once in Daet’s town center, you can ask a tricycle to take you to Bagasbas Beach. This costs around P50 one way, but only takes a few minutes.

    • You can also take a bus from Manila to Daet; this costs around P769/way. Manila to Daet by bus takes at least 8.30 hours depending on the traffic conditions. 
    • Once in Daet’s town center, you can ask a tricycle to take you to Bagasbas Beach. This costs around P50 one way, but only takes a few minutes.

    You may also consider checking the group package in Facebook groups. Usually, the joiners are weekend travelers or backpackers who work during weekdays and escape the city during off from work. This is advisable because it is more convenient because of its point-to-point travel via land. Most of the time, a group in a van leaves on Friday night and arrived in Bagasbas morning. 

    Where to Stay?

    9 Best Hotels near Bagasbas Beach.
    1. Asia Novo Boutique Hotel – Daet; is located at Barangay VI.
    2. Mirasol Residences –located at Magang.
    3. Hotel Formosa – located at Barangay VI
    4. Nathaniel Hotel – located at Pamorangon.
    5. Pineapple Island Resort – is located at Camambugan.
    6. Dolor Hotel - located at Barangay VI.
    7. Joe’s Hotel –located at  Camambugan.
    8. Daves Suite - located at  Pasacao.
    9. Asia Novo Boutique Hotel Daet – located at Barangay VI.

    Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Bagasbas Beach may not have fine white sand like other popular destinations in Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, or Boracay, but its main draw is the waves. People go to this part of the country to improve or gain surfing skills. You can get lessons for a few hours or days during your stay or bring your own surfboard. What I also loved about this beach, it is not similar to Baler wherein there is only a narrow beach where you can swim and after a few meters, it becomes sudden deep with a very strong current. As a beginner in surfing; even if you swim far away from the beach with your surfboard- it is not deep, you can still reach the sand using your feet and it helps you a lot to relax whenever you’re anxious about getting drowned. 

    You may also consider mingling with the locals and surf instructors, they’re friendly and may give you some tips on where to stay and eat – the cheapest way possible. 

    Joggers and Bikers usually make the beach their last stop to rest and refresh.  But if you’re looking for water sports and air activities aside from surfing, there are establishments along the beach that you can ask for parasailing, among others.


     *songs included

    • - In Your Eyes - George Benson
    • - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - George Benson
    • - Exchange of Hearts - David Slater
    • - Just Once - James Ingram


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