πŸ“Ή TIP - How To Travel Cheap To Puerto Galera , White Beach.

Holy Week has come and I knew that you guys are looking for a summer vacation that is located near Manila. Well, Puerto Galera is one of my favorite places - In this video I'll be featuring my experience on How I travel to Puerto Galera - All by myself.
I've been travelling to White Beach, Puerto Galera for mayny times. In this Vlog I'll be featuring my experience on how to travel to White Beach, Puerto Galera with some tips to avoid opportunist that you might encounter.

For the comprehensive instruction, tips and tricks on how to stay and party in White beach Puerto Galera the  least expensive way (during peak season like Holy Week)  - Click here. 

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Notice on the stimestamp 3:43 in the video, someone asked me if what hotel i'll staying - I did say " Finnese Residencia" Kindly  Click here for my review about the hotel.

πŸ“ Location: Santa Clara, Batangas, Philippines

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