What To Expect In Puerto Galera, White Beach On your First Night?

Watch this video and consider Puerto Galera, white Beach as your destination this Summer mostly this Holy Week. I'm pretty sure you can party all night long by the beach. Enjoy!
What To Expect In Puerto Galera, White Beach On your First Night? - Party Hard!

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I’ve been visiting White Beach Puerto Galera for how many times – as much I remember -e.i. celebrating my birthday alone, escaping the stressful Manila and if I want to drink beers by the beach, then  Puerto Galera is my number one option.  In fact I consider this Beach as my second home because this place taught me to be who I am. This beach is a place wherein there’s no place for discrimination and judgement coming the society. Everyone is welcome and free to be happy.

In this Vlog, I’ll be featuring the happenings in one of my random visits. This was my first night. I arrived in white beach, Puerto Galera at 7PM. I looked for a cheapest room for one night only since the next morning; I need to transfer to the hotel where I booked originally. I grabbed my dinner quickly and went out to party.

Watch this video as everything went wild and full of laughter. Consider this also as a tip on what to expect on “Puerto Galera’s night life”.

πŸ“ Location: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

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