This made my day….

September 8, was my last post in this blog. There are lot of reasons why I was not able to update it.  I left my previous Company on September 21, 2014 and transferred to a New Company September 22, 2014 . As of now, I am still mapping the terrain and still adjusting the new environment – people, culture and  the way of living.

I also lost my files/images for  my Calaguas Adventure, Dumaguete, Cebu , Quezon Province and Marinduque Travel. The files were corrupted in my memory card. So how can I write about it and publish in my blog if I don’t have any visual support anymore? Alas!.

Furthermore, on the same month, a special person whom I loved the most got hospitalized up until now while writing this article, I am crying because anytime he might leave me- he is getting worst every day. I am so down and trying to separate myself online. I can’t even write… so down..

But the negativity turned into good vibes. Just today while I am checking my face book account, a friend ( Cyran Gile) of mine shares an image on my wall. And that made my day.. It made me smile..  Why?

Because, it’s one of my dream...  to have my own travel agency... And he created a logo of it. Maybe someday I can have one..

. It made me realized that despite of hardships and difficulties in life every day. There are still reason and way for us to SMILE. You just have to appreciate every small things...


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