πŸ’– My Cover Song πŸ’™ - πŸ’œ Walking In The Rain by A1 πŸ’›

Way back 1999; I was hooked up by this British-Norwegian boy band named A1. Well, that time – boybands really dominate the music industry.  Aside from their romantic songs they are also talented and good-looking wherein everyone is emulating and singing their songs. In fact, I am the one of them who got crazy.

The members of the boy band are Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Mark Read.

Up until now, I can still sing their song w/o lyrics in front of me. Indeed, after 18 years, karaoke apps in android are now available; so we can easily sing their romantic songs, record it and upload in various social media.

Meanwhile, let me share my cover songs of “Walking in the Rain”. It is one of the songs of the debut album “Here We Come”-released on December 1999.


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