Marikina Sports Complex - Adventure, Sweat and Sweets

Let us get physically fit and visit Marikina Sports Complex for sweaty experience.

Our Sunday adventure goes to Marikina City.

Marikina officially the City of Marikina, located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region. Marikina became the capital of the Province of Manila from 1898 to 1899. Marikina was given the title Shoe Capital of the Philippines because of its notable shoe industry, being the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines, producing almost 70% of shoes manufactured in the country.

This is my second time to visit the said city. My first time – that was August 2015 - when I was able to taste their local cuisine “EverLasting”.

This time, it’s a different approach because it requires strength and endurance trip. Together with Nancy and Allan, I am visiting the Marikina Sports Complex.

The Marikina Sports Complex, also known as Marikina Sports Park and formerly known as Rodriguez Sports Center, is a sports complex located in Marikina, at the corner of Shoe Avenue and Sumulong Highway in Metro Manila, Philippines.

In history, it is a former site of a train station in early 20th century prior to the construction of the complex. It is built in 1969 under the Rizal provincial government under Gov. Isidro Rodriguez Sr. in the land of the then Rizal municipality of Marikina. It is turned over to the Marikina City Government under Mayor Bayani Fernando in 1995 and was renovated in 2001 under Mayor Maria Lourdes Fernando. It hosts an Olympic-size swimming pool, two grandstands seating a total of 15,000, a 400-meter track oval, a sports building, an indoor gymnasium and several courts.

The area has been host to several sports competitions – both national and regional including the 2014 ASEAN School Games which serves as the main venue, as well as entertainment such as grand concerts, finals night and live television shows, and other events such as for private uses and other community and local government activities.

Aside from hosting events, Marikina Sports Complex also host sports clinics for the residents of Marikina during the summer season yearly, dubbed as the "Summer Sports Camp".

Marikina Sports Complex is open 24 hours open for free to public except – if there is schedule sport event.  It is open to jogger and to all sports enthusiast.  Swimming pool is also available for public use with corresponding amount as an entrance fee that will cost you PHP50-PHP100 depending on the schedule. Morning schedule starts at 8AM to 11AM, after schedule starts on 1PM to 4PM and evening schedule starts on 6PM to 9PM, seven days.

We started our adventure by completing the 30 minutes jog.

While we were on rest, we noticed a dynamic music behind us. We did check and it was a zumba session. With the amount of PHP50, we were able to burn our calories by dancing the popular hits for one hour.

We ended up in the Wet Market for our breakfast which is adjacent to Marikina Sports Complex. With only PHP25 – you can satisfy your tummy with a glass of halo halo partnered with various foods (e.g fresh lumpia, pancit bihon, palabok, spaghetti , beef mami , lugaw or malabon)

I really admire the cleanliness of their wet and dry market, too clean for a public market. I can’t even see any scattered garbage and there is no foul smell on the entire vicinity.

Lastly, when I was about to go home, I notice the people were truly following the pedestrian policy.


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