Showing Gratitude to the Department of Tourism Marinduque.

My primary reason why I left my co-travelers ahead of time  it’s because I need to catch the office hour of Department of Tourism (DOT) Marinduque. DOT office will be closed every weekend, since our “Marinduque Challenge” starts on Friday - I need to arrive early.

How to go to the office of Department of tourism Marinduque ?

From Balanacan Port – Just to manage your expectation,  DOT office in Balanacan Port is no longer operating. So you have to ride a jeep that will pass through the Municipality of Boac (bound to Gasan or Buenavista). The fare from Balanacan to Boac town proper is only PHP50 and the travel time is most likely 30-45minutes. Since the Provincial Capitol is situated in a barangay next to the town proper, therefore the fare is PHP60. Just instruct the driver to drop you off at the gate of Capitol. The office of DOT is in the building located behind the Huge Capitol Building. From Capitol going back to Boac town proper is PHP10 via tricycle.

Primary purposes why you need to go to DOT?

1.      You need to secure a MAP- DOT Marinduque can provide you the copy of it for free.
2.      To know the legit fare heights in every destination. This is important information esp. if you are only commuting in your entire travel.
3.      Awareness towards the danger zone of the province to avoid misadventures.
4.      To get information on what to do, where to go, stay and what to eat... Even if you’re already and equipped with the information from online media and print, it would be better if the data is coming from the DOT – more reliable.

When I arrived at the office, they were very accommodating to me. The personnel at the front desk brought me to the second floor where the right person entertained me. They gave me all the information which is essential for me to enjoy the entire travel.

Thank you so much

Dindo Asuncion
Provincial Tourism Officer, OIC

Joven M. Lilles

Pie Hirondo and Marrisa Ricana

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