Basics and Organic ; Aiming To Provide a Healthy Farm-To-Table Food Supply in the Philippines.

Basics and Organic Store Philippines
The Facade of 2nd branch of Basics and Organic at Eastwood Mall.
Accessing organic produce and bringing it to your table is really challenging for time being, especially when you’re residing within the urban zone of Metro Manila where everyone is living a fast pacing lifestyle. All you have to do is just grab what is accessible in your grocery stores, eat what’s in your nearest fast food establishment can offer, and consider it as a norm.  These are routines that we don’t realize that we’re silently and continuously consuming unhealthy foods that contain carcinogens, chemicals, and sugar-inducing nourishments – and thus inaudibly poisoning the body.

Thanks to Basics and Organic, we can now all have easy access to healthy farm-to-table produce around the metro. Basics and Organic is the newest brand that will be selling all-natural and organic products that are made in the Philippines. It will specialize in natural food and essential products that aim to provide healthier options to people. The brand will focus on providing good quality products at a reasonable price. Thus, provide a great after-sales service to their valued customers and partners.

Recently, they just opened a second branch located at Eastwood Mall, 2F beside Red Robin in Bagumbayan Quezon City from 10am to 10pm.  In the next two years from 2023-2024, the company is aiming to have 100 company-owned stores which consist of 50 stores in Metro Manila, 35 in Visayas, and 15 in Mindanao. Moreover, they are also targeting another 100 franchise stores which consist of 50 stores in Metro Manila, 25 in Visayas, and 25 in Mindanao and will continuously expand franchising in the years 2024 to 2025. In the said timeframe, they’ll be launching an E-commerce store, partnered with farmers from 10 to many. From 2025-2026, they’re planning to have a progressive campaign and will be launching the so-called Farm-to-public. From 2026-2027, they’re gonna be opening doors to international partners and touching the neighboring South East Asian Countries.

The company’s mission is to highlight “YES TO NATURE” - supporting a healthy environment for all of us by choosing organic food and valuing the local industry to grow for future opportunities. In addition, ‘YES TO NUTRITION’ - recognizing that organic food contains more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. And ‘YES TO PEOPLE - knowing that consumers are looking for reasons to eat healthier food.
Partner growers, and dormant partners of Basics and Organic.
Business-wise, Basics and Organic is a concept of a Green-Grocer specialty store offering All-Natural, Fresh Produce, and Organic products fresh from FARM-To-Table. Now it is Open for Franchise with Promo Package at PHP 388,888 EXCLUSIVE OF VAT! 

Another option, you can join and apply to become a dormant partner. Invest your money and be of help to support the local farmers in areas LUZON, CALABARZON, and MIMAROPA. As a dormant partner, you’’ be getting a Memorandum of Agreement Notarized, a Dormant Certificate, a Discount Card for Product Purchase (5% All-Natural & Basic Category | 10-20% Organic Category), an Income Rate of 12% annually fixed and your principal Investment will be returned after the contract.

You can check the Basics and Organic Facebook and Instagram.

Basics and Organic company's presentation and program.

Receiving out the Basics and Organic Herbs & Spices to elevate my recipe in a natural way.

I really love their spices, you know guys how much I love herbs and spices. I even had a collection of Morrocan spices and herbs in my condo.

🌿Basil Leaves - P129 (20g) 
🌿Chili Flakes - P129 (35g) 
🌿Oregano Leaves - P105 (15g) 
🌿White Pepper Ground - P200 (90g) 
🌿White Pepper Whole - P195 (80g) 
🌿Smoked Paprika - P145 (50g) 
🌿Taco Seasoning - P240 (75g) 
🌿Thyme Leaves - P120 (20g) 
🌿Turmeric Powder - P135 (55g) 
🌿Curry Powder - P135 (55g) 
🌿Annatto Seeds - P155 (80g)

Basics and Organic's Presentation and  Buffet Lunch on  December 13,2022 as part of the Grand opening of its 2nd Branch situated at Eastwood Mall.  

Bloggers (left) Jonathan Orrbuda of and  (right) Mr. Alfredo Vedarozaga of

(left) Basics and Organic Pork Tocino and  (right) Basics and Organic Chicken Tocino

Taste Samples of  Basics and Organic Pork and ChickenTocino.

The glorifying and exciting moment of Tocino Tasting.  

Basics and Organic Products.

Basics and Organic Tomato Paste.

Basics and Organic Creamy Peanut Butter.

Basics and Organic Sweet Peanut Butter.

Basics and Organic Mushroom Chips.

Basics and Organic Blue Sapphire Tea - 10 tea bags.

Basics and Organic Sweet and Salty Vinegar.

Basics and Organic Spicy Vinegar.

Basics and Organic Homemade Mayonnaise.

Basics and Organic Coconut Vinegar.

📍 Location: 116 Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila, Philippines

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