Podcast EP1: Not Following Parent's House Rule , Does it Mean You're a Bad Kid?

YouTube Creators for Change Philippines,Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,Podcast,Webcast,Adulting Tips and Tricks,Parenting 101,Adulting 101,Life Experiences,Pinoy content Creators. In this episode, Jonathan Orbuda and William Pombo Talk about following their parent’s house rules. When you’re a rebellious kid, does it make you automatically a bad kid? In addition, they’re also going to talk about the new movie on Netflix – The School for Good and Evil, and why we must embrace our bad side. Jonathan will also share his memorable experience during his first year in a call center where-in he was a victim of a so-called fabricated story. Listen to this podcast and surely you’ll enjoy and simultaneously learn from their personal experiences and thoughts in life.

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