📦UNBOXING GONE WRONG! + Nasira ang aking Induction Cooker.

Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,Induction Cooker for small condo apartment room unit,single burner induction cooker,dowell induction cooker review,Tarawa Induction Cooker Review and Unboxing,Affordable Induction Cooker,Multifunctional Induction Cooker,Life in Condo,Living in Manila City,Pinoy Product Vlogger,Vlogger in Mandaluyong City Hello Tansyong Lovers! In this Unboxing Vlog Episode, I will be sharing with you the newly-purchased Induction Cooker that I bought from Lazada. I bought a new Induction cooker because my old one is no longer working. Unfortunately, this Unboxing has gone wrong. Watch this vlog and find out why! I hope you’ll enjoy it.

🛒Where did I buy this

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