⛵ TRAVEL GUIDE: The Hot and Relaxing Water of Malbog Sulfur Spring.

    Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring

    Malbog Surfur Spring is located in  Brgy. Malbog, Town of Buenavista - a 4th class municipality in the province of Marinduque, Philippines. 

    This famous Malbog Sulfur Spring can be found at the base of Mt. Malindig volcano (also known as Mount Malindik and Mount Marlanga) - a large potentially active stratovolcano on the island of Marinduque in the Philippines. It is the highest peak on the island having an elevation of 1,157 meters (3,796 ft) above sea level. 

    Since it is situated at the base of the said dormant volcano, no wonder it has warm to hot temperature water that contains sulfur. Sulfuric water is believed to cure skin diseases like acne and has an undeniable soothing effect. Despite its rotten-egg-like foul, many locals and tourists visit this place for body relaxation and healing of skin conditions. Some are even bringing home bottles of sulfuric water.

    How to get to Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring?

    Ricjoseph Buenos Aires and Jonathan D. Orbuda - discussing the expenses.

    VIA AIR:  MNL to MRQ

    Marinduque Airport is located in the Municipality of Gasan and you can book through Cebu Pacific Airlines. MNLto MRQ has three scheduled flights in a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, departing from NAIA Terminal 4. The flight only takes 45 minutes. 

    You can get to Brgy. Malbog Buenavista Marinduque by a local jeepney from Gasan to Buenavista. But you have to wait 20-30 minutes timeframe for the jeep. If you have no luxury of time to wait for the jeep as a “chance passenger”, rather deal with a local tricycle driver for a certain amount to bring you to Malbog. The distance between Gasan to Buenavista is 14 Km by road. 


    Option 1: RORO is one of the convenient options when going to Marinduque by sea. Jac Liner has daily direct bus trips to Marinduque and the terminal is located in Cubao, Quezon City. I suggest if you can book early, the bus departs at 4:00PM from Cubao to Marinduque. Meanwhile, if you’re going back to Cubao, the bus leaves at 2PM daily from the Town of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque. 

    Speaking of RORO, the fare of PHP900 already covers the bus, ferry, and terminal fee because you don’t need to worry as the bus will onboard the ferry, and the ferry will bring the whole bus to Balanacan Port in the Town of Mogpog. This bus will drive all around the province dropping off the passengers in six towns.

    Option 2: From Manila ride a bus heading to Dalahican Port, Lucena. With a bus fare of PHP 280, there are a lot of bus companies available bound to Lucena 24 hours, all you have to make sure is to ask the bus company if they’re going to directly go to the port of Dalahican to drop off the passengers or just in Lucena Bus Terminal; because if the bus won’t go directly to the port, then you need to ride a tricycle going to the port. On a positive note, if you've ended up in the bus terminal, at least, you have a chance to grab a heavy meal as numerous eateries are available. 

    From Dalahican Port, ride a ferry; it can be Montenegro or Starhorse Shipping Line to Balanacan Port with ferry fare and terminal fee.  

    Once docked at the Balanacan Port, you can ride a jeep heading to Buenavista and advise the driver to drop you off at the Malbog entry point. 


    1. The admission charge is 50 pesos only.
    2. Cottage/Kubo with table 200 pesos.


    • Hot springs are a rich source of sulfur and their healing benefits include treating skin irritations and infections such as rashes and eczema. Sulfur-rich hot springs are also thought to help treat dry scalp, arthritic pain, and internal problems such as menopausal symptoms and digestive disorders
    • You have to walk and cross the river before you reach the actual hot spring. During the rainy season, it is a bit challenging to bring a car or even a tricycle due to its muddy and slippery way.
    • I suggest bringing your own cooked foods; or if you are planning to cook your foods there, or have a barbeque, make sure to bring your kitchenware, and cooking gear because I don’t see any nearest establishment (store or restaurant) that you can run to. 
    • I also don’t see any accommodation available. So, an overnight stay is not advisable. 
    • If you’re not into the smell of sulfur, then refrain from soaking in the pool because it is really extremely stinky and the smell will remain in your hair even after washing and shampooing. 
    • There is an area that you’re not allowed to go to because it has extremely hot, that can even cook an egg. It is like a water well but according to the locals, it is more of an exhaust. 
    • There is a building with three rooms, I am not sure if they accept guests who would like to stay.
    The river that you need to traverse to reach the entrance of the said resort.



    I really love the greeneries when you turn your head above looking at Mt. Malindig. I also love the water as it is clear but it has green color due to alga. I am not sure who maintains the resort- if it is the local government unit or privately owned but I must say, it is kinda neglected. 

    The place is relaxing and away from the noise, so I can say, It has the potential to be a world-class tourist spot if the government will focus on developing the resort. The hot and sulfuric water and the green environment are the advantages –those can be utilized to attract more local and international tourists if developed well. 

    Maritime Students From the Province of Romblon travel to experience the sulfuric water of Malbog. 

    (Left to right) Mer Irene Ondoc, Normarie Villamater, and Ricjoseph Buenos Aires; together with the topless Maritime Students,

    The Hot and Relaxing Water of Malbog Sulfur Spring.

    The surrounding before entering the resort,

    📍 Location: Buenavista Sulfur Spring, Buenavista, Marinduque, Philippines

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