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I got a message from my facebook account from a user and a friend of mine named Baett, I appreciate this man who wrote this heartwarming message. 
  Read his message below.

As to give thanks you ! I am inviting you to go with me on visiting the newly reopened Baywalk in Roxas Blvd in Manila. We will be having a food trip and ocular visit. For Free! Yes ! Just send me a message if you are interested, I am doing this to appreciate your very thoughtful message. Remember, A writer is nothing without a readers(like you). More Power !
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  1. we went to manila two weeks ago but never thought of visiting bay walk. grabe lang ang traffic ngayon!

    my blog's template had always been that way. the header though is new. keep inspiring many people! :)

  2. Hello Farida, Minsan sabay tayo mamasyal kung gusto mo? sa nayong Filipino naman


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